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We Asked You What Your Fave Vegan Restaurant in Bahrain Was and Here Are the Top 10

Your picks

There aren’t many vegan options out there for people who’ve chosen the lifestyle, as opposed to all the other easily available fast food menus. So in order to help each other, and of course in accordance with World Vegan Day, we asked you guys to tell us what your fave vegan restaurant in Bahrain was, and here are your top 10 picks.

Unicorn Noms

Vegan Escalope for dinner tonight? Let’s all head to District 1 for a vegan feast! Unicorn Noms is by far one of the best vegan spots we have in Bahrain.

Plant Cafe

Plant Cafe has all the good things, just have a look at this green burger for instance, healthy and delicious!

Raw Candy

How cute are these vegan chocolate bars? These and so much more at Raw Candy! Tho the colorful ones were available was a short while but you can still get great vegan desserts at this super cool spot.


Drooling over this shawarma in a bowl, well vegan shawarma in a bowl! Head over to VEDGE and grab one cause we’re on our way!

Reviive Cafe

Revive Cafe is super famous for its Acai Bowls, but they have great vegan options for you to choose from. Pancakes and what not!

Mana Café

Eat right and Mana Cafe is definitely a spot to check out! You guys really like it and we agree, we mean who wouldn’t want to dig into this BLT sandwich.

Anaïs Vegan Café

Here’s a vegan wrap for you, and oh it’s keto-friendly too!

Meemoz Poke

Their all new veggie menu is already making waves on the island and since it has made it to the list, you guys love it too!

Fresh Superfood Cafe

Pink is one of our fave colors and Fresh Superfood Cafe has taken it to a whole other level! Grab a vegan salad bowl and just enjoy!

The Plant Power Co.

Vegan Biryani? Score! You guys, tho The Plant Power Co. is currently closed for revamping, making it to our list of the best just proves how good it is!

Best of Vegan!

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