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We Asked You What’s the Best Local Spot for the Cheesiest Burgers and Here Are Your Picks

Yesterday, we asked you what your favorite spot is for the best, cheesiest burgers in Bahrain and you did not disappoint. To make it easier for you, we have narrowed down your picks, and here are the top ten:

The Forge

Ask and you shall receive. The Forge will ease your craving for cheese for sure! Order now on Talabat & Carriage.

Triple A Burgers

Located in Zayed Town, Triple A Burgers is the spot to be at for a cheesy bite. Order from Talabat.

Sando Bahrain

Sando Bahrain makes to the list and we are surely gonna try them out.

Blaze Burgers

According to you, Blaze Burgers provide you with one of the best, cheesiest burgers in Bahrain. Order now from their website.

Buffalo Wings & Rings

Enjoy a cheesy bite at Buffalo Wings and Rings. Order from their app.

Cheese Attack

The name says it all! Visit Cheese Attack or order at 3377 4576.

Burger Zone

Try Burger Zone in Riffa or District1 for one of the cheesiest burgers out there.

Black Stripe

Visit Black Stripe for American Fusion Burgers and more! Order from their website.

Burger Factory

Burger Factory makes the list for one of the cheesiest burgers in Bahrain. Visit them today.

Flip Burger

Last but not least, Flip Burger is, according to you, one of the cheesiest burgers in Bahrain. Order from Talabat or visit them in Sanad or El Balcón Mall.

That’s it, folks, enjoy your cheese-filled delights!