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Ladies, Here Are Some of the Best Nail Salons to Visit in Town

Gettin’ glam!

If you needed some pampering this week, we’ve got you! Bahrain is filled with an insane number of salons, you couldn’t even start to count them – although we tried! We’re focusing on all-things-nails, because some pampering and a change is always a good idea! Here are our picks:

Opal Nail Spa

You can get some of the best manicures and pedicures over here!! This spot specializes in all things nails, especially this color-blocking nail art.

Lavish Nail & Body Couture

Nail Art is what Lavish does best – if you’re looking for some super intricate nail designs, this is the spot you should visit!


This spot in Riffa does it all – hair, nails, and everything in between! You guys really vouched for La Vande last time we asked, so it HAD to be on the list!

The Nail Hut Beauty Salon

Let your nails do the talking with The Nail Hut Beauty Salon! Located at Budaya Road, it’s the perfect little spot for you nail care!

Gatsby Beauty Lounge

The name itself takes us back to the roaring 20s – so you know their nail game is going to be sleek and worth it!

Diva Salon

Some quality service over here at Diva Salon! They’ve got two locations, Janabiyah and Zinj so wherever you’re in Bahrain – you can pop in for some pampering!


The vibe at Mimas is supreme! They’ve got a whole super aesthetic set up where you can get your nails done and some really good nail technicians.

W Spa

W Spa is the sister business of W Gym and W café, so they’ve got a whole set-up over here including a rooftop where you can book the most aesthetic private spa sessions! Did we mention that their nail game is STRONG?


The nail technicians over at UBeauti are experts at nail art, they will literally draw ANYTHING on your nails!

Beauty Bar

One of the cutest spots around town, all-pink-everything over here at Beauty Bar! Tucked away in Sanad, this spot doesn’t only do nails but has some of the best hair treatments as well.

Candy Beauty Salon

This is your sign to get a cute nail makeover!

Make a statement with yours!

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