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5 Brands In The GCC That Sell Reusable And Slick-Looking Cloth Masks

It’s hard to imagine a time when we all walked around not wearing masks; or are in constant hand sanitizer mode- but hey, things could be much worse. The good thing about all of this is that these masks do keep us safe, and they help protect the people around us whom we love the most.

ANDDDDD, they’re now not limited to the blue and white one you’ve been seeing. You know, in case mask aesthetics is your thing.

Here are 5 brands in the region who had a little fun with their mask designs:

1. FMM Dubai’s bling-a-ling masks that come with a swanky dress

Because why not match your Eid glam with a matching mask?

Or if you or someone you know lives in Dubai, they can also check out FMM’s exclusively-designed masks that are being sold at Tania’s Teahouse

They’re friggin’ adorable!

2. Holy Hot Bahrain’s ICONICally-worded masks

Not only does this Bahrain-based brand sell some good homemade tanning oil; they’ve leveled up their mask game to some awesome phrases and words- that you’d for sure want to rock. Much like this ‘queen’ face mask.

Why not?

Not only do these look cool, they block dirt, are breathable and allows airflow so- there ya go!

3. Ninousha says masks aren’t fashion accessories, but this doesn’t mean the world should be limited to the patterns and color choices

Designer Rana Tabbara has an eclectic range of designs available- fab!

4. The little ones can have a go at these unicorn-designed masks

BH Masks also has a range of patterns, colors and designs with sports’ teams, cartoon characters and MORE.

5. Another Dubai-based brand, Kojak, has released a super cool range of masks

They said, FASHUUUN!

Other honorable mentions in Bahrain:

Obviously, getting fashionable-looking masks is a personal choice. If you seek for simplicity and want to stay safe; a couple of pharmacies and supermarkets in Bahrain offer these masks in stock.

Safety is the priority at the end of the day and we think this one’s worth a mention too:

MedFlex Bahrain offers a 95% filter performance KN95 masks that are approved by the National Health Regulation Authority in Bahrain. At BHD1 a piece (or larger quantities), these are PERFFF for personal, medical or even commercial use.

It’s worth noting that these masks are mostly recommended for one-time use and are disposable but can be reused for a limited time IF exposed to heat. It’s free delivery too.

Contact  +973 35173673 for more info.

Stay safe, folks!

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