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Eat Well, Guilt-Free! Switch to a Healthy Lifestyle With These 8 Spots in Bahrain

Take in the calories without the guilt!

Eating healthy has never been this easy! Let’s be honest, we have all made resolutions at some point to switch to a healthier lifestyle, but all those macros, ingredients, and hassle to cook fresh meals every day made it way too difficult. Bahrain thankfully has a bunch of spots serving great healthy meals, and making our lives easier! We have 8 spots for you to take in the calories, guilt-free.

Healthy Lab

Salad for lunch anyone? Get freshly prepared meal plans with Healthy Lab delivered to you.
Sign up here

Peroz Eatery

Packed with flavor with zero guilt! Peroz Eatery is here to bring amazing flavors to our lives!
To know more and order: here

Diet Ninja

Dreaming about this plate of Mongolian Beef! Jump onto a healthy lifestyle with great flavors, of course at Diet Ninja!
Contact: 3701 3377

Green Beets

Healthy tacos and burritos, we’re to grab ’em all! Green Beets will have you binging on great food all while keeping your diet in check!
Know more: here


Calo is an absolute savior! Making delicious healthy meals and delivering to your doorstep, it doesn’t get better than this!
Order: here

Right Bite

Get meal plans delivered to you from Right Bite. The food doesn’t just look great, it tastes great too!
Order: here

Healthy Calorie

Huge fans of Healthy Calorie, for real!
Contact: here

Raw Candy

The Good Burger!? Yes, we’re so ready to binge on this!
Contact: here

Just Green

Just Green has all the good things you might ask for.
Contact: 1755 4666

Ready to binge, guilt-free?

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