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Here Are 5 Yoga Studios Around Bahrain You Can Relax and Unwind At

‘Bout to get super zen in here

Life can be a little stressful and one of the best ways to elevate ALLLLLL the stress is yoga. Slow, rhythmic yoga poses like twists and restorative postures can help open your lungs, release congestion, relax the mind & body and help build a stronger immune system. 

Shake the stress away and do some yoga safely at one of these 5 INCREDIBLE spots in Bahrain mentioned below!

1. Namaste Bahrain

Namaste Bahrain is the Kingdom’s first internationally recognized Yoga school. They aim to share with you the healing power of Yoga for a calmer mind and soul.
Let the gurus teach you their best ways!
Contact: 17591565

2. FES518

You literally get transported to Morocco with these mosaic interiors! Along with practicing Yoga in this gorgeous studio where each element will enhance your yoga journey. A great view makes everything better!
Contact: 3335 2922

3. PROP Yoga & Therapy Center

Group activities have a charm of their own which instills a strong sense of togetherness. With PROP Yoga experience a one of a kind experience with loads of encouragement! Get your friends together because you now have something new to experience together.
Contact: here

4. Pure Yoga + Cycle

Along with giving you a holistic experience to make yourself more aware of your mind and body, along with breathing techniques and hot yoga, Pure Yoga + Cycle also gives you an opportunity to become a certified trainer. That’s fab.
Contact: 3399 2236

5. Aura Wellness Studio

Aura Wellness focuses on women’s wellness in all stages of their life. With the pink interiors and cozy ambiance, the studio focuses to radiate positive feminine energy all around!
Contact: DM


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