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Shop Locally: 5 Great Bahrain Based Skincare Lines You Can Purchase

Here’s how to beautify yourself in Bahrain.

Having a skincare routine is important, whether yours is simple or contains 12 steps and products.


If you’re not into skincare, now would be a good time to take some interest in it while you spend your days at home. Taking extra steps in maintaining healthy skin is not only fun and feels good, but it’s a great way to self-care.

From after-shower body scrubs to face masks and moisturizers, here are some local Bahrain based skincare brands you should look into. Apart from purchasing products that use high-quality ingredients, you’d also be supporting local businesses and the region’s community!

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Green Bar

Launched in 2006, Green Bar is a Bahraini apothecary skincare line using botanical ingredients to create high-quality products. From face cleansers and moisturizers, body soaps, to aromatic perfumes, incense, and more, they draw their inspiration from the Arabian peninsula’s healing plants. To check out their line of products click on the website link below and check out their Instagram page.



Launched in January 2019, this Bahraini artisan and luxury skincare line uses carefully and thoughtfully selected natural ingredients to create products that answer your skin’s needs. They have 7 high-quality products ranging from body scrubs, facial oils and masks, and moisturizing creams. To find out more check out their website link below or click their Instagram page.



Established in 2015, Mashmoom specializes in natural beauty products for the face, body, hair, and nails using aromatic essential oils that are great for the skin. Check them out on their Instagram page for information and orders, or message on WhatsApp 36696931.

Body Jar

Launched in 2016, this Bahrain based skincare line specializes in body care routines. Their products range from body scrubs, hair masks, lotions, and more. Check out the Instagram page and DM for more information and to order or call 35555998.

Peninsula Farms Soaps

This local Bahraini farm grows high-quality fresh produce and is also a technologically advanced goat farm. Peninsula farms offer over 20 incredible types of goat milk soaps that contain many skin benefits! Order through the website below.



Beauty Bar Mani & Pedi Kit

This hair and nail salon in Bahrain has a retail section for shopping beauty products and is also selling this cute customized Mani/Pedi kit for 10 BD to create your own nail salon experience at home! Check out the Instagram page and message to place an order.

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