A Youtuber Shared OG Bahrain Advice For Anyone Looking To Move Here

The best part about living in Bahrain is that setting up and getting cosy is easy peasy- if you do it right. Made up of 33 natural islands, the Kingdom has been a favourite spot not just for our fellow Saudi neighbours but the rest of the world.

It’s quaint, filled with opportunities for cultural exploration and has become a home to so many expats and there’s no surprise why.

If you or anyone you know are considering moving to the island and worry about the ‘initial confusion stage’- fear not.

Youtuber and Blogger, Aimee Rebecca, shared a few KEY tips for those moving to the Kingdom:

From getting your CPR, sorting out an apartment even down to how the driving system works- every question that has ever popped up a mover’s mind has been answered.

Watch below:

If budgeting in Bahrain is another worry of yours, the lovely Aimee has also sorted that out for you

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