Breaking News: Government Boosts Benefits for Employees and Retirees

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Good news for Bahrainis!

In a remarkable display of collaboration, the joint governmental parliamentary meeting currently underway on the state budget has reached a number of consensuses. These agreements bring positive changes to the lives of government employees, retirees, and even those in the private sector!

Government employees

Hold on to your hats, government employees! An agreement has been reached to increase the living improvement allowance for government sector employees. Those currently receiving 60 dinars will see their allowance rise to 100 dinars, while employees currently receiving 50 dinars will enjoy an increase to 85 dinars. It’s time to celebrate the well-deserved boost in benefits!

Retired employees

Retirees also have reason to rejoice. The Living Improvement Allowance is set to rise for retirees whose pensions are below 1500 dinars. The categories are as follows: 190 dinars for those currently receiving 150 dinars, 165 dinars for recipients of 125 dinars, 140 dinars for those currently receiving 100 dinars, 115 dinars for those receiving 75 dinars, and 90 dinars for retirees who currently receive 50 dinars. It’s heartwarming to see the government’s commitment to supporting those who have dedicated their lives to serving the nation.

Disability Allowance

But wait, there’s more! The agreement extends its impact to the disability allowance as well. In a significant move, the disability allowance is set to increase to 200 dinars for individuals with severe cases, 140 dinars for those with moderate disabilities, and 100 dinars for minor cases. This uplift in support aims to provide better assistance to individuals with disabilities and promote inclusivity.

Private sector employees

Moreover, the private sector is not left behind. The “Tamkeen” Work Fund is introducing new initiatives to support employees in the private sector. Stay tuned for more details, as these initiatives will be unveiled through an upcoming press conference. The government’s commitment to empowering the workforce extends beyond the public sector.

Better benefits, a brighter future!

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