Around The World: IKEA Just Bought An Entire Forestland To Protect It From Development

Are we getting closer to an entirely eco-friendly world?

IKEA announced that Ingka Group, a large investment group of the Swedish retail company, just acquired an entire forestland in southeast Georgia, to protect its diverse ecosystems and habitats from further developments. The company bought nearly 11,000 acres of land near the Altamaha River Basin in Georgia, USA, and over 350 plant & wildlife species in the area will now be protected from harm!

This was possible through The Conservation Fund, which is a nonprofit that has worked for YEARS towards the protection of about 8 million acres of land – Ingka Investments alone has now acquired 136,000 acres of land across 5 different states in the USA. IKEA stated that this all goes in line with the company’s vision of becoming carbon neutral by 2030 – i.e. paying close attention to environmental protection while still meeting their business objectives!

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