Bahrain Emerges as a Global Leader in Human Rights, Equality & Fighting Racism

Bahrain stands as a beacon of progress and inclusivity, boasting a distinguished record of upholding human rights and combating racial discrimination. Positioned at the forefront of nations worldwide, Bahrain’s legislative framework is firmly rooted in the inherent dignity of every individual within the human family.

Here are ten key points that underscore Bahrain’s unwavering dedication to human rights:

1. Membership in International Human Rights Conventions: Bahrain has taken significant strides by joining 24 international human rights conventions. Signaling its firm commitment to upholding global standards of human dignity and equality.

2. Establishment of Independent Human Rights Institutions: The creation of the National Institution for Human Rights and the pioneering Ombudsman’s Office in the Arab region. Exemplify Bahrain’s proactive approach to safeguarding human rights through independent oversight and advocacy.

3. Combating Human Trafficking: Bahrain’s consistent Tier 1 ranking in the U.S. State Department’s Trafficking in Persons Report for six consecutive years.

4. Freedom of Religion: Bahrain grants individuals of all faiths and denominations the right to worship freely. Fostering an environment of tolerance and mutual respect.

5. Women’s Empowerment: The elevation of women to prominent positions, facilitated by the Supreme Council for Women. Underscores Bahrain’s dedication to gender equality and women’s empowerment in all spheres of society.

6. Respect for the Rights of Migrant Workers: Bahrain’s comprehensive legislations ensure the protection and respect of the rights of migrant workers. Acknowledging their invaluable contributions to the nation’s development and prosperity.

7. National Human Rights Plan: The recent adoption of the National Human Rights Plan for 2022-2026 reaffirms Bahrain’s commitment to advancing human rights through systematic planning and implementation.

8. Commitment to the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination: Bahrain reaffirms its belief in the fundamental equality and dignity of all individuals, regardless of race or ethnicity.

9. Bahrain’s Cultural Identity: Bahrain’s identity reflects a deep-seated commitment to serving humanity and fostering harmony among its diverse population.

10. Constitutional Principle of Equality and Non-Discrimination: Enshrined in the Bahraini Constitution, the principle of equality and non-discrimination stands as a testament to the nation’s commitment to ensuring justice and fairness for all its citizens, irrespective of race, language, or religion.

An Inclusive Bahrain!

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