Bahrain’s Mumtalakat Is Officially the Sole Owner of the McLaren Group

Big news for racing fans!

Bahrain’s investment fund, Mumtalakat, just became the sole owner of McLaren. That means they’re now in charge of both McLaren’s high-performance car manufacturing division and most of their Formula One racing team. This comes after a bit of a rough patch financially for McLaren, but they seem happy about the change.

Apparently, this deal will allow McLaren to focus on new tech and partnerships, which is pretty cool. The head of McLaren Racing, Zak Brown, even got his contract extended until 2030! Sounds like he’s excited to keep pushing McLaren to the top (and maybe finally snag a win or two). Oh, and this whole thing makes McLaren the only racing team competing in a bunch of different categories, from Formula One all the way to Esports.

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