Bahrain Is Paving the Way for the First Woman on the Moon to Be Bahraini

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Bahrain is going to the moon!

The Shura Council of Bahrain has approved joining the latest US Space program! The program aims to land the first woman on the moon by 2024. In case you didn’t know, no woman has ever landed on the moon. Bahrain hopes to have a Bahraini woman be the first!

NASA introduced the Artemis Accords in October 2020, which is a thorough plan to explore the moon. This initiative includes international partners to set the stage for groundbreaking achievements in space.

The Shura Council’s recent approval signifies Bahrain’s commitment to being a part of this amazing journey and contributing to the advancement of space exploration.

As Bahrain prepares to launch two significant space projects, the nation is determined to make its mark in the history books by putting its name on the moon. The Shura Council’s endorsement shows their enthusiasm and support for joining the global efforts to reach new frontiers. With the goal of sending the first woman to the moon, Bahrain aspires to create a trailblazing moment and inspire future generations of Bahraini space explorers.

Space, here we come!

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