Do You Agree? Bahrain Ranks Among the Top 20 Safest Countries in the World

Big news! Bahrain has been named one of the world’s safest countries in 2024! Making it a must-visit destination. According to CEOWORLD magazine, Bahrain ranked third in the Gulf region and 20th globally. The UAE took the top spot in the Gulf and second worldwide. The report highlighted the world’s safest countries for 2024, with Saudi Arabia coming in second in the Gulf and 16th globally, Bahrain third in the Gulf and 20th globally, Kuwait fourth in the Gulf and 36th globally, Qatar fifth in the Gulf and 60th globally, and Oman sixth in the Gulf and 147th globally.

Andorra, nestled in the Pyrenees between Spain and France, was crowned the safest country in the world. Despite its small size and a population of about 82,000, it attracts over 3.5 million visitors annually, making it the top country for tourists per capita. So, whether you’re planning a trip, thinking about relocating, or just curious, Andorra should be on your list!

The report also pointed out the serious crime issues in African countries, affecting their global relations and tourism. Togo has the highest crime rate in Africa, while Palestine, currently under Israeli aggression in Gaza, is the least safe country worldwide, ranking 188th. With international conflicts and chaos on the rise, knowing the safest places to visit is more crucial than ever.

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