Check Out This Design Concept of a Giant ‘550m-Tall-Ring’ Surrounding Burj Khalifa

The architecture firm, Znera Space has created a radical concept that would completely transform the Dubai skyline and the idea of gated communities!

The planned project is known as Downtown Circle and is a 550-meter-tall ring that will encircle Burj Khalifa. Designers hope it will shake up traditional ideas of gated communities and skyscraper homes – Also intending it to be sustainable and self-sufficient.

Artist illustrations show the striking scale of the structure, which is hoped will encompass all of Downtown Dubai with a circumference of three kilometers.

It will be broken down into smaller units, which will contain homes as well as public, commercial and cultural spaces.

The ambitious project has been drawn up by Najmus Chowdry and Nils Remess, co-founders of Znera Space, who often focus on experimental architecture that explores and addresses social boundaries and environmental issues.

Pretty futuristic!

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