UAE’s First Casino Resort Worth BHD 1.4 Billion Is Set to Open in 2027

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Attention all gamers and high rollers!

Get ready for a luxurious new destination in the UAE! US casino operator Wynn unveils plans for a $3.9 billion casino resort on Wynn Al Marjan island. The resort is set to open in early 2027 and will also feature 1,500 rooms, spa facilities, high-end shopping, and nightly laser and light shows.

The Wynn Al Marjan Island project is sure to be a hot spot for entertainment seekers and luxury lovers alike. In addition, the resort will have 24 dining and lounge areas, spa facilities, and high-end shopping, guests are sure to be spoiled for choice. And let’s not forget the gaming facilities, although Wynn Resorts has not revealed any specifics just yet.

Wynn CEO Craig Billings also says the resort is “meticulously programmed and concepted”, with careful consideration of its unique location. Moreover, the resort’s opening in early 2027 will mark a major milestone for the UAE.

Get ready to live the high life at the UAE’s first gaming resort!

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