It’s World Braille Day & Bahrain Is Marking It In A Beautiful Way

World Braille Day falls on the 4th of January and it’s an important day in recognizing the needs of the blind and visually impaired all around the globe!

One Billion people around the world suffer from different disabilities and have lower chances to access health care, education and employment. So, raising awareness can contribute to the quality of life of our fellow citizens.

Bahrain’s Ministry of Education is commemorating this day by stressing the importance of integrating the blind and visually impaired into public schools and providing them with all the tools needed in furthering their education.

There are currently 37 visually impaired students enrolled in the public school system. The Minister of Education stated that 19 specialists currently work with 30 different schools in order to provide the students with all the assistance needed.

Props to our Kingdom!

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