The FRIENDS Cast Just Reunited On Instagram And We’re Living For It

The FRIENDS Cast Just Reunited On Instagram Local Bahrain news

The best F.R.I.E.N.D.S reunion ever.


The entire cast of FRIENDS reunited on Instagram last night for the first time ever! The group took a selfie and Rachel, I mean Jennifer Aniston uploaded it to her new Instagram account. It was her first post! Cute!

She captioned the photo: “And now we’re Instagram FRIENDS too. HI INSTAGRAM ??”

Jennifer Aniston has been on Instagram for one day and has already racked up 8 million followers, probably all huge fans of the 90s sitcom.


It’s evidently the show’s 25th anniversary! Lisa Kudrow aka Phoebe posted a throwback in September celebrating the show’s start 25 years ago.

As well as Courtney Cox aka Monica earlier this month and even though not the entire cast was there it was still really nice to see that they’re all friends to this day.

Even UAE celebrated last month by lighting up Burj Khalifa for the 25th anniversary of the show and displayed the famous couch for fans to sit on and take pictures at. The couch is still there outside the tower until October 22nd, 2019.