The Ministry of Interior Just Announced the Launch of the First Bahrain E-Passport

Bahrain launches it's first e-passport, localbh

Bahrain launches its first electronic passport!

The Kingdom of Bahrain is taking a step forward in digitization! It launched its first electronic passport as part of the Economic Recovery and Digital Transformation Plan. The electronic passport also aims to enhance security and provide a modernized and more convenient travel experience for Bahraini citizens!

The new passport features a security sim card that contains all the personal and biometric information of the passport holder, making it more secure and difficult to forge. In addition, the Deputy Minister of Nationality, Passports, and Residence, Sheikh Hisham bin Abdulrahman Al Khalifa, stated that the new passport was designed to showcase the rich heritage and modernity of Bahrain.

The launch of Bahrain’s first electronic passport is also a major step toward the country’s digital transformation plan. The new passport will not only enhance the security of travel documents but also provide a more convenient and efficient travel experience for citizens.

Bahrain’s e-passport combines tradition with technology!

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