The New Update On Bahrain’s eTraffic App Now Includes A Service That Locates All Speed Cameras

The New Update On Bahrain's eTraffic App Bahrain news

eTraffic is a Bahraini app found on the Apple App Store and Google Play store which you can download for free to register and renew licenses, update your contact details and insurance and a few more features like that.

eTraffic Bahrain

Recently, there was a new software update which added a service called “Speed Camera Locator” and it locates all Speed Cameras in Bahrain.

The New Update On Bahrain's eTraffic App localbh

People are talking about this as it is in an interesting feature and can also help Bahraini drivers avoid speeding tickets.

What do you think? Will this help you speed less on the road? Are you all for this new feature?