This Bahraini Photographer Just Won a Silver Medal at the 2nd Cyprus Photo Awards 2022

Bahraini Photography Sayed Baqer AlKamel

Meet this Bahraini talented photographer S. Baqer AlKamel!

This Bahraini photographer doesn’t know how to stop when it comes to creativity! His perspective, colors, angles, and editing are spectacular and the results are mesmerizing to look at.

Sayed Baqer Has won over 200 photography awards in many international competitions. His most recent award is the silver medal he got at the 2nd Cyprus Photo Awards 2022, alongside an honorary one. Check it out.

Their eyes are captivating!

Some of his other photography awards

Here are some of our favorite shots taken by Sayed Baqer

Let us know which one is your favorite, & don’t forget to support him by following him on Instagram here.

What a talented young man!

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