Local Artist in Spotlight: Husain AlSabah

Bahraini digital artist Hussain AlSabah

Are you ready for this week’s artist feature?

Meet Hussain AlSabah!

Hussain is a young Bahraini digital artist that enjoys experimenting with styles, colors, and perspectives!
When you take a look at his Instagram profile, you’ll quickly realize that he loves comics and anime!

Take a look at these Marvel-inspired digital artworks!

Different art styles

Also, you can’t miss the fact that he loves experimenting and trying out different art styles and drawing techniques. For instance, take a look at the fascinating difference between these two illustrations of his:

Semi-realistic art style?

Yes, please! Not only is he good at cartoonish and manga art styles, but he also has a distinct semi-realistic art style! Check it out

What a talented young man! Make sure to support him by following him on Instagram here.

Always remember to support local talents.

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