Local Artist in Spotlight: Zainab Alsabba

zainab alsabba arabic freestyle calligraphy

It’s that time of the week!

Meet Zainab Alsabba! A Bahraini freestyle Arabic calligrapher and an architect who indulges in conceptual and creative ideas to bring words and letters to life. Her story began when she picked freestyle calligraphy as a hobby and started experimenting with it until it became her source of joy and fulfillment.

Arabic Freestyle Calligraphy is more than just art.

Zainab realized that her work is a creative form of sending a message and embedding a meaning behind every letter. From that point forward, she got creative with her thought process and played with the letter format to send a message to her audience. After a while, she quickly got recognition for her work and started participating more in art galleries and competitions. Additionally, she started working with different art mediums and forms like threads, canvas, wood, cement, acrylic, and more!

Now she has her own branded products with her artwork. Look at this beautiful mirror with her calligraphy incorporated with a phrase from Nizar Qabbani’s poem ”What should I tell him?”.

Zainab Alsabba’s contribution to Al Sharjah Art Museum

Last week, Zainab had her own solo show at Al Sharjah Art Museum, taking her calligraphy work and art to the next level and introducing Bahraini talent to the world.

We couldn’t be more proud!

Check out the rest of Zainab’s artwork on Instagram here.

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