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You Need to Visit This Authentic Japanese Tea House In Bahrain

Where tea is life, basically

And specifically calling all matcha lovers, too! Chawan is a dream that started with wanting to give tea the chance to assume the authenticity it would be found at in Japan! Budoor herself, the woman behind Chawan, lived in Japan to learn chadō, the art of serving Japanese tea.

When you enter Chawan, you’re engulfed by the aura of Japanese tradition and the history of tea-making. All the authentic ways of making tea, as you’d find it throughout Japan, are practiced at Chawan. The teahouse aims to not only serve high-quality Japanese tea the way they would over there, but also educate visitors on the history, the benefits of loose tea, and generally the way of life – or the ‘way of tea.’ Oh, and you can grab some delicious mochi while you’re there!

WHERE: Al Andalus Garden shop

Make sure you keep supporting locals and visit Chawan ASAP

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