10 INCREDIBLE Reasons That Set This Bahrain Uni Apart From The Rest

For many of us in the Kingdom, the ‘Where do you want to go after high school?’ question is a hot topic with family and friends. It’s also a consistent discussion in class. 

Some want to be engineers; others want to go into media (hello!). The rest set out a future for themselves as budding entrepreneurs, while others still aren’t sure – and that’s ok! 

The next step? Finding a university that fits the criteria to kickstart our future into a lifetime of success. The American University of Bahrain (AUBH) has opened its doors in the Kingdom for a year now, presenting its holistic and flexible American-style education into our country’s higher education system.

Keep reading to find out what those are…

1. FINALLY! Bahrain’s first American-style University

Remember when you’d watch all those flicks on TV? University life always seemed lively and the characters were living an independent and fun life. AUBH delivers an engaging university experience, with its students at the center.

AUBH students are in control of their educational journey, responsible for enrolling in their classes, deciding on their workload. It’s definitely not a set menu! Students also have an active social life on campus with access to extra-curricular activities and events.

2. The campus is one-of-a-kind and was built to become students’ second home

Imagine being able to leave a class, get a quick workout in; have a healthy snack; catch-up with friends; and move on to your next class. AUBH’s iconic campus was designed by Ayers Saint Gross, U.S.-based architects specialized in building U.S. university campuses. The 75,000 square meter University was designed to merge learning; fun; innovation and growth, ALL on campus. It has been all the buzz amongst students lately, especially the Sports Center! 

Check out their virtual tour here: tour.aubh.edu.bh

3. If you’re unsure about the major you want to declare in, or you want to change your degree program, that’s ok

Journalism, Engineering, IT, Business – it’s hard to pinpoint what you actually want to focus on when you start uni. No need to panic! Thanks to the University’s American-style approach to education. At AUBH, you enroll in general education courses for two years. Those are common across all colleges. This means that you can change your mind and transfer a maximum number of credit hours to the new degree program you declare in!

4. You can study in Los Angeles, California (if you want to!)

If you’re seeking an adventure – which for most uni students is a priority – look no further. AUBH has announced the forming of a partnership with California State University, Northridge (CSUN), in Los Angeles! It’s not a program partnership, its institution wide so the sky is the limit when it comes to options – awesome! 

So when COVID-19 tensions reduce, prepare to experience Hollywood and Venice Beach!

5. You actually get interviewed before you enroll so that they help you achieve both your professional and personal goals

Going beyond asking for your grades and asking what degree you’d like to enroll in, AUBH interviews all its applicants to understand their motivation and goals. I mean, hello 2020, how refreshing is it, to see a university that actually wants to teach students with a more personal approach and not just focus on our GPA.

6. AUBH is all about empowering students beyond the classroom and into the real world.

AUBH Students attend on-Campus speaker series, workshops and participate in mentorship programs, such as “President for a Day”. Last semester, an AUBH Student experienced being the University’s president for a day, making executive decisions and literally sitting at the President’s desk. How cool is that? Freaky Friday anyone?

7. They teach students how to actually be employable and not just someone with a degree

For budding media personalities, entrepreneurs or any other job, most universities will teach a class curriculum, but not the soft skills necessary to succeed in the workplace.

By teaching you the basics of what goes on in the hiring process, you’re taught to be more employable. You are able to think critically, build character, analytical skills AND more – this goes beyond academia in a way that you don’t see in a lot of universities in the region.

8. It is with the times and FOR the times. When everything’s gone digital, AUBH ensures students aren’t left behind

The only institution in Bahrain that offers Amazon Web Services (AWS) in its short course offering, AUBH is never one to be traditional. There’s SO much demand in the market for cloud computing and AUBH is the BEST place to fully immerse yourself in this world.

We reckon the post-COVID19 economy will need more people qualified in this area, so it’s definitely one to add to our bucket list!

9. Even during COVID-19, the classes don’t stop at AUBH

Learning is learning, whether it’s in a classroom or by distance, and the professors at AUBH won’t be slowed down by the pandemic. Digital classes and integrated learning methods have been adapted using cutting edge tech, including an AI-enabled invigilation software for exam delivery. This means AUBH didn’t miss a day of class so far! The faculty even arranged for one-on-one support for students to help with the transition.


10. The price point for studying is comparatively competitive amongst all the other American unis in the Middle East

The average yearly fee is BHD 6,500, depending on the number of classes you enroll in per semester, the same as some high schools!

We say it’s definitely worth the investment to experience a memorable university experience.

To enroll or for more info, click here.