5 Things You Need To Know About This Bahrain-Based 3D Printing Agency

Aim 3D Bahrain

Yes, 3D printing has made its way to our island.


We love it when local businesses bring something new to our Kingdom! If you didn’t already know, Aim 3D is a 3D printing agency in Bahrain, with products that can be utilized in many different industries.

Here are a few things you need to know about this amazing business – scroll below!

Aim 3D caters to special requests from multiple sectors

Namely architecture and design, healthcare, industry and consumer goods.

Aim 3D has printed different 3D models for businesses and individuals, including professionals, artists and students, with an INSANE attention to detail.

They’ve developed new-age healthcare concepts

Catering to the healthcare sector, Aim 3D has developed wristbands that monitor your temperature – useful in times like the current pandemic!! These can be used at schools or in the workplace, don’t need batteries to operate and are completely safe!

They’ll print a photo of you in 3D

How cool is that? The first in Bahrain that appeared at the Grand Prix Race in 2018! This mobile 3D scanner will take a photo of you – in 3D. As if this business wasn’t already amazing!!! You can get your graduation – or any event – photos printed in the form of little figurine keepsakes, or gift them to family and friends!

The products are super detailed and affordable

With the amazing work that they put into what they do, they help advance your project ideas! All of their 3D design and printing services are done locally in Bahrain, at affordable prices!!

They use advanced technologies in all their services

Aim 3D uses advanced hand-held scanning methods for reverse-engineering, and
various printing and material technologies for making the parts. Merging innovation with science and technology, their process is backed by extensive knowledge and research, using the most advanced methods to develop high quality products!

Ready to get your creative ideas printed? Contact Aim 3D now!!

Aim 3D social media links:
Website: https://www.aim3d.com
Instagram: @aim_3d
Facebook: @aim.3d.co
Twitter: @aim_3d
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/aim-3d/?viewAsMember=true