Every Girl Needs To Get In On The Female-Powered Revolt Hype

We may have found THE fitness studio for all you women in Bahrain that are tryna unleash that power

Revolt Fitness Studio is a boutique, women-only studio that focuses on strengthening both the mind as well as the body.

Revolt has added a cool new area to the studio that didn’t exist pre-covid; a rooftop space to have an outdoor, safer environment where women can still exercise freely!! Think about how nice this is gonna feel with the cold weather right now.

Not only that, Revolt has one super important factor – all the trainers are educated experts trained and certified to ensure you understand how you’re moving, to perfect your exercising technique!

And get ready for the full luxury treatment

Revolt offers a fully gated community with access for members only, and you can book your classes with just a click on your phone!

And that’s not it, it’s completely flexible. You can go into the gym to work out or even join the live streams right from your home.

Instagram: @Revolt_bah
Facebook: @Revoltbah
Snapchat: @Revoltbah

Time to power up, ladies