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6 Things To Do This Weekend In Bahrain: January 21-23

How is it already ALMOST Feb?

Everyone’s been saying how it literally feels like New Year’s Eve was a few days ago, and we agree… Doesn’t make sense to us, but okay. Another weekend gives us more things to do, at least! Scroll for some stuff you can do this weekend:

Get to Secco by Cofféa & discover the reason behind the Milly cake & pizza hype

Everyone’s raving about Secco, and we might just might pop over there this weekend… The pizza looks CLASSIC, and what is this Milly Cake all about??? Idk, we need to find out ASAP, though.

TRY to get a table at this new Italian restaurant

The menu at L’Orto changes every single day, guys. You’re only getting the absolute BEST in the market on any given day – does it even get fresher than this?

Maximize is back with some new workshops

We’re always in on the Basics of Pottery workshop, but Maximize is bringing us a couple new ones this weekend – Basics of Macrame and Resin Bookmark workshops!

Attend this FREE virtual talk on ‘Becoming Van Leo’

This virtual talk will cover a bunch of info about the book “Becoming Van Leo,” a study of the life of the late Aremenian Egyptian portraiture photographer, Leon Boyadjian. It’s completely free, so that’s a bonus!!

Register to dress up & play a game of Salem at Sonder

Or – just go & pick one of their other games to play. PLUS, their horchata is a MUST TRY. Editor’s pick – you can quote LocalBH on that!!!

Go on this sushi run – ft. this never-ending list, basically curated by YOU

Do what we did, and just go on a full on sushi binge after reading the list – ’cause why not, right?

BONUS: Enter our 5 STAR giveaway!!!

You’ve got until the very end of the month, and a whole lot of chances to win!!!

Careful guys, Bahrain decided to spice up its weather act with some wind, and a whole lot of dust…

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