Get Your Fitness & Nutrition In Check With This PT in Bahrain

This is all you need to start that fitness journey you’ve been putting off since quarantine began

Well, 2021 is around the bend and we gotta fix the damage that’s been done. Luckily, Veranika over here is offering her training services, and we are in desperate need.

Veranika is a freelance personal trainer and nutritionist in Bahrain, and her PT spans across different areas, from group exercises (2-5 people), to HIIT workouts, strength conditioning, pilates, yoga, you name it!

She’s been operating in Bahrain for 6 years so far, with different plans set up for everyone she trains. Veranika has personalized all sorts of plans for all sorts of people, tailored specifically to each person’s personal fitness goals.

Seriously, say goodbye to any neck and back pain. We’re too young to feel this old, and Veranika’s posture fixing techniques have left all her clients super happy – we’re next, tbh.

Follow and DM Veranika on Instagram to start your fitness journey ASAP!

New year, new us right?