Santa’s Right Around The Corner, All You Have To Do Is Call

If you thought that Santa isn’t coming to OUR town, think again

You can now hire Santa to take your parties to that next level – Yes, in Bahrain!!! Santa’s coming to town, people, and he’s about to make a stop by your house.

He’ll come bearing gifts and all, and we just know that kids are gonna love this one. There are different packages you can get where a dance number is involved, gifts or toys for kids, or even a photo booth and personalized Santa cards!!

You can even get the whole package – Santa AND his elves

What more do we need to REALLY feel the winter in Bahrain?

What are you waiting for? Santa’s coming to Bahrain and you need to book his presence NOW

Call +97366910440 to book your Santa hours!!

*Sponsored by Hire Santa Bahrain