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This Local Eatery Will Craft Meal Plans That Are Perfect for You and Only You

Ever wondered if what you eat every day is right for you? Or if the ingredients could be substituted for something healthier with no compromise on taste? Meal Craft is the answer to all your queries.

Meal Craft literally defines ‘Tasty yet Healthy’. They offer a gourmet health plan which basically means their customers have all their meals customized specially for them. Not just that, they refrain from using over 100 ingredients that are either artificial, processed or trans-fat. Everything is fresh, natural and without question, delicious!

Personalized menu

Meal Craft understands that not everyone can enjoy all kinds of food, and some for various health reasons are deprived of proper flavor in their meals, thus the birth of Meal Craft and it’s concept of a personalized menu. Their menu changes every week according to your preference plus you get complimentary salad, snacks & drink with any of the subscriptions. After all, you don’t have to eat less, you have to eat right! Isn’t your Iftar sorted already?

Most importantly, they take special care of your allergies, likes & dislikes, and also have A La Carte menu if you want to enjoy their burgers or famous risottos. All their meals are measured, balanced with an attention to detail that will have you filled with happiness. Oh, did we mention that their customer service is unmatched! You can contact them directly with no hassle, and you will get their undivided attention.

To subscribe click HERE or WhatsApp them on 66708884 to learn more.