This Local Photographer Celebrated International Labor Day With 10 Beautiful Shots

Give yourself a pat on the back

One of our favorite local photographers, Mustafa AbdulHadi, is always coming through with his photography skills to shed light on different events and occassions that mean a lot – and he documents that by way of beautiful photos! In honor of International Labor Day, he compiled some beautiful shots and portraits of different workers he’s come across through his travels, both in Bahrain and elsewhere. He put them all together in a carousel, commemorating Labor Day and the hard work that each and every worker puts in on the daily.

This is a beautiful way to draw attention to the fact that we spend so much time ‘grinding’ or ‘hustling’ that we forget how much we actually do on the daily. This was basically a pat on the back for all of us! Scroll through the carousel below to check them out:

Happy Labor Day to all you workaholics!

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