Transact on the Go With SADAD’s Huge Range of Services

We’re bringing SADAD back into the limelight!

This leading FinTech company in Bahrain obviously needs no introduction. With a SADAD Kiosk in every corner of Bahrain, they’ve revolutionized the way we transact on the island! And they’re keeping the ball rolling with a bunch of services on their innovative platform – now available on Android and iOS!

SADAD’s platform is going beyond international and domestic remittance – giving you the option to make Express Online Payments. So, pay your utility bills, traffic fines, school fees, buy gift cards for your loved ones, and subscriptions to entertainment and gaming; effortlessly at the click of a button.

So, download the SADAD App available on Android and iOS!

To know more about all of SADAD’s services and how you can make payments seamlessly, visit their PAGE.

Revolutionizing the way we transact in Bahrain – Anywhere, Anytime

With digital payments becoming a way of life, SADAD’s services are making it easier for us to carry out daily transactions from the comfort of our homes! SADAD has collaborated with forces across Bahrain to transform the way we make payments and remittances.

And let’s not forget the 1000+ SADAD kiosks that have made money transfers and payments a butter-smooth experience for us all – seven days a week, 24 hours a day!

Go the SADAD way and make your payments an easy affair!