This Family of Adventurers Raised the Bahraini Flag at the Mount Everest Base Camp

Locals shining bright!

Dr. Fatima, Zahraa, Mohammad Ashoor, and Husain Jasim Dawood, 4 adventurers from Bahrain and from the same family set foot to reach the base camp of the highest mountain peak in the world, Mount Everest which is 5,364m above the sea surface. Reaching new heights and raising the country’s flag, we’re super proud of our climbers!

The journey wasn’t easy as it may seem, the family was stuck at Kathmandu airport for 3 days due to the thick clouds that obscure the vision of the planes. They boarded the flight to the Lukla village by landing at the most dangerous airport in the world (Tenzing Hillary Airport), where the length of the runway does not exceed 527 meters in the middle of the mountains at 3000m altitude.

They raised the Bahraini flag at the highest point as a means to encourage youth to strive to reach new heights and to prove to the world that Bahrainis are capable of overcoming any and every difficulty to achieve their goals!

Super-duper proud!!

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