You Can Become The Next Big Shot In The Hotel Biz With This School

‘Cause deep down, we’re all wishing we went to hotel management school

Vatel Bahrain is a Hotel & Tourism a business school that specializes in International Hotel Management. It’s been operating for 40 years with over 50 colleges, and it finally made its way to Bahrain with the school’s newest campus opening up over here!

You’re basically hitting all birds with one stone at Vatel. If you graduate from the 4-year program in Bahrain, you’re awarded a French degree along with the Bahraini one, which is recognized all throughout Europe!!

You get to explore the world and pick up new languages while you learn the ropes of hotel management

It’s a one-off experience at Vatel, like, seriously one of a kind. Your first semester is spent 50% on campus and 50% between different hotels. Then, your second semester is a 4-5 month internship at one of the school’s hotel partners. The internship is in Bahrain during Year 1, in France during Year 2, and then students get to pick their destinations in Years 3 and 4.

Hello?? NO other college experience will ever compare, that much is clear.

By the time you graduate, you’ll have had 2 years of practical work experience, both in Bahrain and internationally, as well as 2 whole degrees

You’ll get many sponsorship and scholarship opportunities with Vatel, as they’re accredited by the Higher Education Council and supported by the Ministry of Education in Bahrain! Again, so many ways in which this experience will work in your favor. You’ve got two opportunities to enroll in a course next year; in January 2021 and September 2021.

Click HERE to read more about Vatel’s courses, or WhatsApp 33661115 to register!

*Sponsored by Vatel Bahrain