The First Female Referee Is Taking Charge In The UEFA Champions League Tomorrow

The Champions league is bringing on their first female referee to officiate the game between Juventus and Dynamo Kiev tomorrow night in Italy!

Stephanie Frappart is the woman stepping up to the plate!

And it’s not her first go at it! She previously was the head referee with an all woman team at the UEFA 2019 Men’s Super Cup Final. She also officiated the Women’s World Cup Final between the United States and the Netherlands.

She’s an A+ choice, everyone agrees!

Managers and players which have been with Frappart on the field think very highly of her; Liverpool’s manager said of Frappart and her all female team:

They played a brilliant game. They were good, they were really good. There was pressure on them like hell. It was a(n) historic moment and they stayed themselves, stayed calm and did what they had to do in a very difficult and intense game.

Jurgen Klopp –

Yes to more women coming out on top


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