What You Need To Know About The Piece of Technology That Saved Grosjean’s Life

A crazy fire struck on the tracks of the F1 at the Bahrain International Circuit yesterday, and Driver Romain Grosjean literally emerged out of the flames. Millions around the world have been talking about it being a miracle, which it was, but let’s talk about the piece of titanium that really saved the day.

There’s a technical reasoning behind it, and it’s the Halo

The Halo is the titanium, slingshot-shaped, safety device that saved the night. It was added to F1 race cars in 2018, becoming a mandatory implementation to all F1 vehicles from that point onwards. If yesterday’s accident had happened in 2017 or earlier, the chance of Grosjean’s survival could’ve been unlikely since there simply would’ve been no protection for his head against the barrier.

When the concept was first introduced most F1 drivers were against it, but after yesterday’s crash, it’s safe to say that everyone is thankful and very much on board. Grosjean himself even called it “unnecessary and annoying” back in 2017, but he has officially dubbed it as “the greatest thing in the Formula 1” after what he went through last night.

Props to the fire fighters and FIA marshals who handled the scene super promptly

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