Things To Do

5 Things To Do This Weekend: October 15-17

Honestly, as soon as the week starts, we’re already planning our weekends

So, the weekend has begun and here are 5 things you shouldn’t miss out on!!

The Drive-Thru Food Garden Festival

No waiting in line at this one! Drive-thru and get your food to go, or stay, enjoy the vibes and try all the food!!

Try Kanemochi’s new ice cream buns

How good do these look??? We’re running.

Have a movie night ft. Mockingbird’s box collections

Not only do they have the movie night box, but there are other yummy options to choose from!

Get this inflatable flat-screen setup

To complete the movie night experience, get this setup in your front or backyard for the full vibe!! DM to book your screens

Try something new at Blends

We’re low-key scared to try this Mexican Mango but we gotta be daring… Plus, it looks super good.

All we have to say is TGIT

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