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The Food Is Culture Showcase Is Back For Its 5th Edition In Bahrain And The Line-Up Is Too Good

Catch this awesome free showcase of food and art from January 26-30!

This 5-day event is being held at the Bahrain National Museum and is organized by the Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities. It’s the 5th edition and quite an exciting artistic showcase of music, food, and art! The initiative is to create a dialogue between the creative communities in Bahrain.

Starting at 7 PM each day, teams of two will work together to engage all five senses for guests to experience. It’s a free event and everyone is welcome to come out! Check out the line up below.

26 January: Chef Hessa Humood Al Khalifa with VR artist Nayla Rashid Al Khalif

Hessa Humood Al Khalifa aka @curiouslyhungry

Nayla Rashid Al Khalifa aka @naylavrbh

27 January: Chef Lulwa Suwaileh with photographer Ishaq Madan

Lulwa Suwaileh aka @lulwasowaileh

Ishaq Madan aka @ishaqmadan

28 January: Chef Dana Abdulrahman with jewelry designer Aisha Abdulmalik

Dana Abdulrahman aka @reverie_bh

Aisha Abdulmalik aka @aishajewels

29 January: Chef Bassam AlAlawi with artist Mariam AlNoaimi

Bassam AlAlwai aka @b.themaker

Mariam AlNoaimi aka @mar.alnoaimi

30 January: Chef Mariam Shakeeb and Chef Fouz Janahi with Beyond the Island band

Mariam Shakeeb and Fouz Janahi aka @hashfood101

Beyond the Island band