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This Is One Of The Only Places In Bahrain Where It’s Absolutely Appropriate To Yell Yee-Haw

Who doesn’t like cowboys?

Want to feel like you’re in the Wild Wild West?


This new outdoor festival is called The Western and you have to check it out for its unique concept! It’s totally cool because it brings out the inner cowboy in you

WHEN: 29 January to 29 February 2020
TIME: 4 PM – 10 PM | 4 PM – 12 AM on weekends
WHERE: Seef District, in front of Seef Mall, near Rami Grand Hotel
WHY YOU NEED TO GO: For the first time in Bahrain, this month-long outdoor event is unique in concept, and is a wild west/cowboy theme. Open for all ages to enjoy the ambiance, food, fun carnival-type games, win prizes, listen to live entertainment, to name a few highlights. Come out to meet real-life Bahraini Cowboys, dress up as a cowboy and get your photo taken, or challenge the bull! If you can stay on the mechanical bull for a chance to win 50BD.

Some exciting things to see: Horse shows, cowboy shows, a magic show, sculpting, wood and sand drawings, a fire show, and competitions.

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