7 Destinations Bahraini Residents Can Escape To For Less Than 300BD This Season

Get ready and pack your bags, we’re going on a vacation!

Is it time for you to cash in your vacation days?

Well isn’t it great you’ve stumbled onto this article this new year? Why not ring in 2020 with a vacation to another destination and one that won’t break the bank! Here are some deals we’ve found to explore some of the best cities in the world.



Price: 108BD
When: March 2-16 2020
Why you should go: This is a great travel deal and for two weeks you can enjoy the Spanish city of Barcelona. You might even have time to tour around the country!



Price: 121BD
When: March 2-9 2020
Why you should go: Amsterdam is one of the greatest cities you can possibly travel to. The scenes are absolutely gorgeous and there’s something to enjoy for just about anyone! This is a great deal for a roundtrip from Bahrain and back.



Price: 172BD
When: February 9-20 2020
Why you should go: Escape to a fun city this season with Gulf Air and enjoy the hustle and bustle of this spot in Thailand for a great low cost.



Price: 92BD
When: April 16-23 2020
Why you should go: Explore Congo by flying with FlyDubai and have an experience of a lifetime by going on guided tours to see real-life Gorillas and volcanos and immerse in the humble culture.



Price: 141BD
When: February 15-23 2020
Why you should go: This great deal from Gulf Air has you flying to Istanbul and back to Bahrain for an incredible price next month! Istanbul is a wonderful city with a lot to explore.



Price: 268BD
When: February 17-20 2020
Why you should go: This deal from Gulf Air can take you to this great city for a nice cultural exploration without breaking the bank.



Price: 263BD
When: February 18-24 2020
Why you should go: Treat yourself to a getaway to the exciting and bustling city of London with Gulf Air for a fairly affordable roundtrip price.