A Bahraini Rock Band Just Released Their First Single And It’s Seriously Worth The Listen

An up-and-coming Bahraini rock band, Book of Anthems, released their first single, titled “Chapter 1: To Rise,” and it’s already making waves among the community.

The band includes three local musicians: Lead, rhythm and acoustic guitarist Hussain Aryan, bassist Ali Ashtizadeh and drummer Husain Ashtizadeh and the first track is just a teaser of what will likely be more tracks, pertaining different chapters, each invoking a different emotion and stage to the story of the ‘Book of Anthems.’

This is quite a refreshing addition to the Kingdom’s local music scene

The elements of rock, traditional Bahraini musical influences and the very stance to wearing the thobe are just the highlights of what one can expect from this group.

Don’t believe us? Give their first single a hear for yourself.

Listen to the track below (trust us, even non-rock listeners will appreciate this!)

It’s also worth noting that the recording was done by Allayali Productions and the incredible video production was a product of Teneighty.

If you enjoyed the music, make sure to give them a follow on IG

Can’t wait to see what else Book of Anthems has in store for the Kingdom, the region and potentially the world


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