Local Artist in Spotlight: Atamjeet Singh

“Who is this guy with an Airplane on his glasses?”

Bahrain isn’t short of great talent and what’s better than supporting locals in the art scene! Today we have the incredibly creative, Atamjeet Singh Bawa aka ‘Guy With Airplane On His Glasses’ aka Paper Model Guru! Atamjeet is a paper artist and his pieces are nothing short of incredible!!

This ship is made out of paper and glue, can you believe it? Atamjeet uses Italian/ German Paper of various thicknesses ranging from 80gsm to 300gsm and glue and you have yourself a masterpiece! He’s been into paper art since 2003 and we’re in awe!!

He’s created more than 60 highly detailed paper models of various machines like bikes, trains, warships, airplanes, space shuttles, tanks, weapons, and more while the first being a WWII airplane, which he calls an “Engineered Accident!”

Did you know? Atamjeet is the world’s most followed Paper Modeler on social media! How cool is that! He even does commission work so you can get in touch with him ASAP!

Click here to know more about Atamjeet and don’t forget to give him a follow!

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