Local Artist in Spotlight: Lona Almoataz

Lona Almoataz artist women bahraini artist 2023

Expression through paint!

Lona Almoataz is a Bahraini artist who uses mixed media to create beautiful paintings on canvas that mostly revolve around women in our society. This is no small feat, as through her paintings, women are the highlight of each piece!

Her work is fantastic! It’s so interesting because it’s not just about painting women —it’s also about painting their stories. Her paintings are literally bursting with life and energy, which makes them so much more than just pretty pictures hanging on your wall—they’re works of art that will make you think about what it means to be a woman today.

We love that she uses such contrasting colors and textures in her work; it gives each piece an almost theatrical feel. And if you look closely enough at any one of her pieces, you’ll see all kinds of hidden details—from shadows to statement pieces—all adding up to make one big picture even bigger!

Lona Almoataz’s paintings are creative and lively, and we’re sure you’ll love them! Follow her on Instagram for more updates!

Empowering the women of Bahrain!

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