Spotlight: Noor Mohsin Has Become the First Bahraini Designer for Louis Vuitton

Noor Mohsin first arab designer with Louis Vuitton

Ever thought about the possibilities life can give us?

Noor Mohsin is the first Bahraini designer for Louis Vuitton and we’re so proud! Right now, she is a High-End Women’s Bags Designer and we can’t wait to take a peek at her work! Noor started working with Maison Louis Vuitton in December 2022 in Paris!

Noor Mohsin majored in design and has a Master’s degree in luxury design in jewelry, accessories, and leather goods. She also does courses in design and shares her experience in jewelry making and other accessories as well! Take a peek.

Her work is stunning and our favorite is her jewelry designs! Her use of bright colors and bold patterns is mesmerizing, take a look.

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this young Bahraini talent! Keep up with her latest updates on her Instagram account!

To the young talents in Bahrain, you’ve got this!

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