Local Artist in Spotlight: Salman Aljar

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Street art alert!

Meet Salman Aljar, a Bahraini local artist who’s blowing up the art scene with his detailed and stunning work. He expresses his talents in smooth wall portraits, animals, and graffiti. He has been a street artist for quite some time and we can’t wait to see his talents in the future!

Salman enjoys pop and realistic art styles to express his creativity. Yet, that’s not all, his work is adding value and beauty to the Bahraini artists’ society and Bahrain’s streets. His work is so detailed and amazing, we just had to share it with you!

More than just spray paint!

As a creative spirit, Salman loves to experiment with different art mediums and techniques, like wood burning and T-shirt designs. Take a look!

We love your work Salman and can’t wait for future pieces.
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Stunning work

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