This Bahraini Visual Artist Just Got Featured in Sekka Magazine For His Work “Men of the Pearl”

Bahrain Visual artists photography series Men of the Pearl sekka magazine

Bahraini talents!

Meet Ali Alshehabi, a young creative visual artist that keeps sharing his talents with the world! He just got featured in ‘Sekka’ a London-based magazine that celebrates arts, culture, and literature from the Arab World. So what is his concept? It is to showcase the Arab’s tenderness and vulnerability in his Photography series “Men of the Pearl” and we think that is amazing!

Not only that, his series effectively sheds light on Arab men from a new angle and majestic way. Many people worldwide perceive men (especially Arabs) from a specific angle like independent solid providers. Therefore, not many would perceive men as compassionate or caring, which is exactly what Ali did in his photo series.

A visual documentation that captures Bahraini men in their households around belongings & memories that they carry the past, the present & the future. longing & belonging. The pearl within the name is used as the Kingdom of Bahrain is known as the I pearl of the gulf. The project shines a spotlight on the Arab identity in regards to masculinity, sexuality, vulnerability & home interiors that Ali finds fascinating within the Arab world.

– Ali AlShehabi

You can also check his other visuals on his website here.

So make sure to follow him for great visual feed and inspiration! Click here for his Instagram account.

Proud of you Ali! 

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