10 Bahrain Based Apps That’ll Make Your Life Easier

We don’t know about you, but apps are a major part of what makes us fully functioning humans – we all have Benefit, Talabaat and Sadad already but these apps are taking us to the next level!


Kulsha, which basically translates into “everything” is an app for well, everything! This app has everything from food delivery, to groceries and even travel booking.


If you can’t figure out where to go on a night out – this app’s for you! You can find all the dining options available in Bahrain (well, the GCC) AND make your reservations!


Evergo helps you book your workouts, they have so many gyms and trainers on the app so you’re spoiled for choice!


Say goodbye to physical hospital visits (for the most part). – Doctori is a telemedicine platform that allows you to book appointments with medical professionals and consult with them right through the app on your phone!


If you’re a football fanatic, you need Malaeb – the app allows users to reserve fields to play or to match up with groups that already have games planned.

Home X

Home X is great for basically any home repairs, broken blinds or need to change a lock. They’ll even help change your lightbulbs if you’re feeling a little lazy – they’ve got you covered. They even have emergency services, for when you need help ASAP!!


This is quickly becoming everyone’s go-to for natural products – they’ve got it all from supplements to skincare to organic food!


Honestly, you don’t even need to cook anymore with Calo – you can subscribe to their meal delivery plans and choose the meals you’d like ahead of time!


Telp connects students with tutors all around Bahrain, so you can sign up for some studying help OR if you’re looking to make a little extra cash!


3kg specializes in everything-produce! Basically a farmer’s market, but on your phone!

Here’s to the future of technology & digital-everything!


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