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Everyone in Bahrain Can Support Palestine by Ordering Anything From talabat Today

Bahrain always comes through with the most supportive campaigns

And finding ways to make food all about giving back, as well! talabat is giving us an amazing opportunity to give back to Palestine and aid in the ways that we can. The profits from anything we order off of talabat today will be donated to contribute directly to the humanitarian crisis in Palestine. With their announcement of this initiative, talabat stated:

We stand for humanity.

On Thursday May 27th, all profits will be donated towards humanitarian relief efforts in Palestine. To participate, simply place any order on talabat on that day and make a difference.

@talabatbh via Instagram

We know very well that every single local and Bahraini amongst us stands for humanity, as well, and we’ll all do our part in supporting. Click HERE to order absolutely anything via talabat!!

Stay safe, show your support & order in!

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