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This Veterinary Clinic Is Meant for All Your Fur-Baby’s Needs

We humans rarely struggle when it comes to getting the right consultation for our health, in fact we can be picky with who and where, but what about our fur-babies? Don’t they deserve the same kind of attention and care like we do? Relax! We have the answer to your concerns.

Advanced Veterinary Clinic is the perfect place for all your pet care. They have highly trained and professional vets who will treat your pets with compassion and absolute care.

Cat friendly environment

They have a separate waiting area for cats along with a separate hospitalization ward for cats, intensive care unit and so much more. Being a member of the International Society of Feline Medicine, the clinic follows guidelines to provide least stress during consultation & hospitalization for their cat patients.

The first clinic in Bahrain to offer Cryotherapy for pet animals

The CryoPen uses state-of-the-art linear compression cooling technology to freeze tissue which, in a matter of seconds, can permanently remove common animal skin pathologies like warts, small skin tumors, mouth tumors, ear tumors and some other conditions with minimum discomfort, without any anesthesia. This service is available for cats, dogs, horses and even other animals.

Professional care

They make sure to prioritize your pet’s health through high quality, professional & gentle individual attention . They are also connected with 2 teams of specialists in the USA and UK. They offer specialist advice in all fields, be it cardiology, internal medicine, feline medicine, neurology, dentistry and so much more.

They are the first clinic in Bahrain to provide chiropractic services to animals

With the help of their licensed veterinarian and chiropractor they can help your pet’s painful conditions with the minimum number of procedures. They also provide a range of services that can be pretty much hassle free for you and your four-legged friend. Some of them include vaccine packages, dental care, surgery, allergy testing and so much more. They have a fully equipped laboratory along with equine sports medicine & internal medicine. And that’s not all they have pet supplies available too.

Let us also talk about all those closely involved in helping our fur-buds!

Dr Ahmed A Azeim, accredited from the American Veterinary Medical Association, who is also the Founder and Medical Director has been in Bahrain since 2012 providing the best veterinary care to companion animals and is very dedicated to helping the strays as well, how cool is that?

Dr Caroline Gaspar, with over 11 year’s of experience in small animals and exotic pets is a veterinary surgeon plus she teaches at the University of Liege in Belgium.

Dr Laura Alonso Soler is a Spanish veterinarian doctor, specialized in equine sports medicine, internal medicine, equine dentistry and is also a licensed Chiropractor for horses, cats and dogs. She has more than 10 years experience all around Europe, USA, the UAE and even KSA.

So next time you want to get your furry companion’s health in check, you know where to go. After all, they have it ruff too!